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Géisa e Cónvent de San Ròcch (EN)

Convent of the Capuchin friars from 1668 to 1998. The convent and the church suffered severe damage following the floods of 1762, 1798, 1834 and 1911 caused by the Riale d’Anzón. The church of S. Rocco, almost certainly dating back to a period between the middle and the end of the 15th century, underwent a transformation in 1671 which involved the addition of the two side chapels near the choir, almost in conjunction with the juxtaposition of the Hospice of the Capuchins (1668). Around 1720-30, an extension of the nave followed and the construction of the two lateral chapels to the south. Renovations in 1859, 1911, 1927/28, 1935.