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Cama – Norantola Castle

The castle ruins are situated on a mild, rocky uprising in the middle of a forest to the north of the hamlet Norantola, on the left bank of the river Moesa, where in ancient times the strada francesca, the principal road of the valley, passed. It was a small fort, mentioned in 1324 among the possessions of the von Sax family, which passed to Trivulzio in 1480, then set on fire and destroyed in 1483. Archeological surveys indicate that the outer walls were constructed in two distinct phases. The early construction began in the 13th Century, most probably at the behest of the local nobility. The ruins were consolidated in 1950 and from 1989-1996. Remaining are portions of an irregular outer wall with an access portal and portions of an inhabited tower, as well as remains of the inhabited wing at the east side of the internal courtyard. After the Castle of Mesocco, it is the most important fortress in the Moesa valley.